List of typos, errata or text improvements

Legend: TT=equation typo, EE=major erratum, CC=major text improvement. Minor typos (T), minor errata (E) and minor text improvements (C) can be ignored by the non-obsessional reader.





  TT 52  eq.(2.156) “(1+z)” “(1+z)^{-1}”
  TT 52  3rd line after eq.(2.159) “$d_L=\chi(\tau)\simeq\tau_0-\tau$” “$d_L/(1+z)=\chi(\tau)\simeq\tau_0-\tau$”
  EE 155  par.3, l.3 “strong and electromagnetic forces” “strong and electroweak forces” M. Martínez-Guareño
 E 405  ref.[81] “1489” “1703”
 T 536  refs.[161-164] “cosmology I: kinematics”, “cosmology. II: volume operators”, “cosmology III:”, “cosmology IV: discrete” “cosmology: I. Kinematics”, “cosmology: II. Volume operators”, “cosmology: III.”, “cosmology: IV. Discrete”
 CC 604-605 At some point, I will add some discussion and references about the renormalization results of quantum gravities (basically, from p.68 of arXiv:1612.05632). Please check again in the future
 C 606 par.2, l.4 “[187,188,432,454-456]” “[187,188,454-457]”, where [457] is “G. Calcagni, Multifractional theories: an unconventional review, JHEP in press [arXiv:1612.05632].”
 C  607 par.2, l.1 “[462]” “[457]”, the new reference of the previous point
 T 610  ref.[76] “spacetime, or, quantum” “spacetime or quantum”
 E 611  ref.[96] “1489” “1703”
 T 612  ref.[131] “an SU(2) “a SU(2)
 E 616  ref.[237] “M. Arzano, E. Alesci”  “E. Alesci, M. Arzano”
 C 616  ref.[248] Published in Phys. Rev. D 95, 045001 (2017), DOI:  10.1103/PhysRevD.95.045001
 T 621  ref.[365]  “Marcianó”  “Marcianò”
 T 621  ref.[366]  “multidimensional quantum gravity” “multidimensional gravity”
 C 624  ref.[462] remove this reference
 T  687  refs.[121-125] “. I.”, “. II.”, “. III.”, “. IV.”, “. V.” ” I:”, ” II:”, ” III:”, ” IV:”, ” V:”
C  794 par.2 , l.2 and 7 “spatial points are completely decoupled”; further below, “near the singularity” “spatial points are completely decoupled (causally disconnected)”; “near the space-like singularity”

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